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Re-opening of Sivasdescalzo Madrid

Epsilon Magazine was invited to the re-opening of Sivasdescalzo's Madrid store, located on Calle Churruca, in the hearth of the Spanish capital. 

01_SVD Reapertura.png

Continuing along the same innovative retail concept of their Barcelona location, the remodelling of SVD Madrid, completed during the summer and autumn months of this year, has transformed the space into a unique sneaker haven for those living in or visiting the capital city. SVD Madrid is full of unexpected and distinct particularities; such as the profiles of the anodized aluminum shelves and stands, imprinting on the store a character fitting of this moment in time for SVD, as well as paying homage to the brand’s evolution. The store’s industrial and spacious features allow its quality and perfectly displayed products to be prominently seen from near and far. The presence of metallic materials and concrete floors add a tinge of coldness to the store’s ambience, however they are seamlessly compensated by flawless lighting and iridescent crystal glass, which creates the illusion of discovering a new store with each passing step. This fascinating and futuristic design also includes a second level, where the most exclusive collections related to the runway can be found.

The store is now open for the public, and it is definitely worth a visit! 

Also, make sure to check out their website: https://www.sivasdescalzo.com

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