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Have you heard about Mizuno?

By @Sftmval

Mizuno is a brand which I know from my childhood. But not because I worn sneakers made by them, no, it’s because I always had some indoor sport shoes of  this brand. And now they’re making sneakers you may ask yourself? Yes, they do!

Yes, Mizuno is widely known for their sporting goods. The Japanese brand has been founded in 1906. They produce equipment for Baseball, Soccer, Rugby, Tennis and so on. This year, they bring back the Wave Rider in the OG silhouette which has been established in 1998. Obviously, they’re called “Wave Rider” because of the shape of its midsole. Have a look at the pics below and you know what I’m talking about. When the Wave Rider first released they didn’t perform well. My suspicion is, that the sneaker was a little bit to late with the bulky midsole design. After the OG model, they developed the silhouette more and more with each version getting more accepted in the market. And now we get the OG back!

I think Mizuno choosed the right time to bring the OG back. With the Yeezy Wave Runner (what a coincidence in the naming!), Balenciaga and the other “Dad Shoes”, the marketers of Mizuno timed it absolutely right.
The first collab partner is Mita Sneakers. This is a perfect match as both companies are located in Japan. The colorway, which is called “No Borders”, had its release on March 3rd 2018. The sneaker consists of a blue pigskin suede, which offers a really great quality, and mesh. The deep blue color is based off Berlin’s Olympic stadium which has an iconic blue running track. The grey midsole represents Japan’s asphalt roads. To connect these two elements, the sneaker features a white line on the toebox. Inside the Wave Rider system Mita implemented a glow-in-the-dark yellow detail.

I’m more than satisfied with the new brand at the market. I think Mizuno has a great potential in the market with already the next collab on the way, which will be done with Highsnobiety.