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You'll miss us when we're gone - Sapato Store honor their companions for their 5 year anniversary

You only know what you had when you lost it a wise man once said.

And even in 2019 thats a fact. Especially in a world ruled by fast-fashion nourished by daily changing hypes that come and go through social media faster than we could list them.

Also on the sneaker scene, this development leaves its mark. Some well-known and appreciated faces have left us in 2018 and with felt 50 releases a week the motto "Mass instead of class" is program. The Familiar Collector's Scene has become a Faceless Resell monster, rolling inexorably and crushes everything that can not keep up with its pace.

Conscious of this the guys from Sapato are releasing the "You'll miss us" shirt with a Boxy Fit and 3D front & backprint for their 5 year anniversary.

Theyself say the following:

"The shirt is a homage to all who have accompanied us on the way to where we are now. A shoutout to all who are no longer there but certainly not forgotten. And above all, a wake-up call to appreciate things as long as you have them. "

Release is on 09.02.19 instore and online and as you know the guys they did not miss the opportunity  to organize a release event in their fresh renovated store with a nice afterparty in local nightclub around the corner.

Happy Birthday Sapato Store!