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Scottish Arc Originals are releasing their 4th colorway of "The Outset": 'Blue Men of Minch'


Model: Arc Originals The Outset “Blue Men of Minch”

Release Date: Saturday, February 9th 10:00 GMT (UK Time)

Where: Arcoriginals.com 

Price: £99

Pictures by @Thomaslindie

Scotland’s first sneaker brand - Arc Originals - return with the fourth colourway in “The Outset” series - Blue Men of Minch.

About Arc Originals:

Debuting in late 2017, Arc Originals are Scotland’s first independent sneaker brand. Founded by Austin Yule, and run by a close-knit group of friends. Their goal is to project their passion for high quality and ethics in every release, drawing inspiration from their identity, and their surroundings.

A lot of people started noticing Arc Originals with their pastel popping Tea Rooms, released last year.

Delving into the murky depths of Scottish folklore, the latest release is based on the mythical Blue Men who are said to have occupied The Minch, a straight of water on the West Coast of Scotland, looking for sailors to drown and stricken boats to sink.

For those who are unfamiliar with Scottish history, the Blue men of Minch are mythological creatures. The origin of the myth is still debated, but some historians believe it is dated back to the era of Harald Fairhair, the first Norse king, and his battles against the Vikings.

Just like past releases, Arc Originals care a lot about the quality of the materials used for their products. The sneaker is comprised of a premium pig skin upper, with cow suede panels in various shades of blue. This is anchored by a grey speckled midsole which represents Scotland’s stormy coastline.

Epsilon Magazine got an exclusive early look on “Blue Men of Minch”. The following pictures are taken by @Max.loewe & @Olivaah397