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Sneaker Culture’s Newest Tastemaker: KB (Kristen Black) Talks Her 1st Sneaker Release

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KB (@kb1ack23) is an Instagram, serious sneakerhead staple. Her collection of elite Asics Gel-Lyte III’s, bespoke Air Max 1’s, and other quality sneaker gems have helped propel KB into elite status within the sneaker community. Having developed some major credentials for her bright, colorful AM1 bespokes, KB teamed up with Cultivator (@wearecultivator) and Nike (@Nike) to offer three models of her own design. I sat down with KB for a quick Q&A about the Nike Huarache, Air Force 1, and Air Max 95 she helped put together.

What was your process for choosing each design?

At first I really had no idea. I just wanted to include my life, my hometown, and just my overall vibe.

Did you have a theme in mind, or did the designs just come to you as you were reviewing each model?

I had nothing in mind but honestly the colors I love, the contract colors and how things looks aesthetically.

Which shoe is your favorite out of the ones you designed?  

It’s hard to say, the 95 (Air Max 95) is very much my own personal style, but I really love the Huarache and what I did with that shoe.

How do these designs reflect your personal style?

They are all shoes I would wear. The 95 has glow green, purple and grey. All my fave colors. The Huarache is volt, anthracite, and black. The Air Force Low reflects fall in New York.

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How did you end up connecting with Nike to make this happen?

I actually filled out an application for it and I was picked. It’s cultivator partnered with Nike.

Where/when will your collection be available? How much? How long will all the shoes be available?

My shoes will be available online only from October 15th-21st. I will drop a link on my Instagram and it will activate on the 15th. The AF1 is $120, the Huarache is $130 and the Air Max 95 is $200.

Will there be matching apparel with your sneaker designs?

I wish! I wanted to but maybe soon after!

You’re infamous for your Bespoke collection; how did putting this collection together differ from the bespoke experience?

It was a huge difference. With a bespoke you have so many options. This was more limited as far as the material choices and was a lot easier considering I’ve been though the bespoke process more then a couple times.

How long have you been into sneakers?

Since I was about 9 years old. Sneakers were always my passion.

When did you realize you wanted to do more than just wear sneakers?

Honestly, it just evolved into this. It started as just always wanting the dress fly and turned into designing them. I love putting colors together and accenting details.

What shoes are on your wish-list to design in the future?

I would love to do an Air Max 1. It’d be a dream come true! But with more options!

What opportunities do you hope this will open up going forward?

I honestly haven’t been thinking about that much. I’m really trying to just enjoy the moment. I’m just so excited that my friends and family can own shoes I’ve designed. You never know who is doing to see you or your sneaker, so everything can lead to something else. I’m just super thankful and grateful for everyone who believes in me. Specials thanks to cultivator, @TheCamp0ut, @AllTheRight, and @CoronaDiner. Without them, none of this would be possible!

Written by: David Blackmon

Instagram: @Jusdave3_2