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Sneakercon Bay Area Recap


By Elaine Kharbanda / @Elainek11

If you are a serious sneakerhead or hypebeast, chances are that you’re familiar with Sneakercon. Celebrated as “the greatest sneaker show on earth,” Sneakercon rarely fails to live up to this expectation, and Sneakercon Bay Area was no exception. Renowned vendors, buyers, and traders alike from far and wide all gathered at this two-day event in hopes of finding their next coveted grail, making some profit, or just to hang out and meet like-minded streetwear fashion enthusiasts.

On March 31 and April 1, 2018, I was lucky enough to attend Sneakercon Bay Area, making it the fifth Sneakercon I have attended (along with New York 2014, 2016, 2017 and Atlanta 2017). Held at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Sneakercon was a bustling, exciting, and crowded event – at times, it was even hard to walk because there were so many sneakerheads and even more sneakers packed under one roof! The sheer quantity of people in attendance is a testament to the recent spotlights that the fashion industry has put on streetwear.


In addition to vendor booths and the Trading Pit, both days provided a Sneakercon Hoops Classic: a basketball game in which teams comprised of YouTubers went head to head in fun and friendly competition.

Aside from feasting my eyes on countless obscure Supreme accessories and box logo hoodies, one of my favorite parts about attending Sneakercon events is that these conventions grant me the opportunity to meet so many people who are passionate about the same things as me –sneakers and streetwear culture. It is not hard to strike up a conversation with someone about the grails on their feet or their enviable outfit. The memories of a fun weekend at Sneakercon and meeting people I genuinely enjoy spending time with are worth more than a pair of Nike Air Mags!

I had a great time seeing some crazy sneakers, customs, and outfits at Sneakercon. As the sneaker industry expands, I am excited to see more and more women and girls in attendance, as well! As one of few girls I felt totally comfortable among the men, and many people I met there were intrigued by my extensive and unexpected knowledge in all things hypebeast-related. I am looking forward to sharing this experience with more women and girls in the near future!


Whether you were trying to find a cool new pair of sneakers, strike a bargain on some designer clothing, or just meet new people inside this amazing community, Sneakercon Bay Area did not disappoint. 

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