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Sneakerness Cologne 2017 Recap

Pictures by  @Airmax1189

Pictures by @Airmax1189

Fresh from their “Green Bridges” Kangaroo and “Passport” Asics collab, there is no stopping Sneakerness as they bring the heat to the city of Cologne, Germany.  To the average passer-by, the event may seem merely to be another gathering of the masses. Upon closer inspection, however, the endless queues are in fact bringing people together from all over the world. The lines are just the beginning.

Once inside, the atmosphere evokes childhood images of walking through Willy Wonka’s factory, but instead of a chocolate wonderland it’s a vast sneaker market. There are no Oompa-loompas in sight, but many connoisseurs are operating stalls. There is an impressive brand presence, including independently operated stores like J-Clay socks and pinqponq, as well as industry giants like Asics Tiger. 

For the hardcore enthusiast, the choice gems come in the form of grails but are not to be found very cheaply.  For others, it is more than a standard sneaker-buying event, but a gathering of like-minded enthusiasts who can share their interests and bond with other sneakerheads in a stimulating aesthetic environment. Sneakerness is definitely keeping up the momentum, and doesn’t show any sign of stopping.