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SneakersER - The life saving midsole pen


Nearly my entire collection has a white midsole. For some reason, the neutral color always speaks to me. 

And I bet you already know the struggle of keeping them clean. Last week, I wore the Sean Wotherspoon Air Max 97/1's to campus. On my way back home, a motherf*cker tailgated me on his bike, meaning his bicycle tire went straight onto my shoes, leaving a nasty black mark on the beautiful white midsole. I was pissed the rest of the day. 

When I got home, I remembered the SneakersER pen the guys from www.lion-feet.dk had send me. I have always been very skeptic of cleaning products, especially after all the stories about how cleaning products have ruined priceless pairs etc. Then I thought to myself "Oh well, it's just the midsole - what can go wrong". 


But nothing went wrong. I applied the pen to the mark, let them dry for about 20 minutes, and when I got back I even forgot which of the shoes there had been a mark on. 

Midsole pens are definately a must have for every true sneaker collector! You can get yours from Lion-Feet right here: https://lion-feet.dk/collections/paint-pens




Written by: Oliver Berg

Instagram: @Olivaah397