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The 2018 return of Patta x Air Max 1

I am sure most of you are familiar with the iconic Patta x Air Max 1 series. Amsterdam, The Netherlands based Patta have teamed up with Nike for the Air Max 1 multiple times, and every release has been a banger, with a sky-high demand.  The "Cherrywood" sells for as much as $4000 according to StockX

Patta x Parra x Air Max 1 "Cherrywood" by @Airmax1189

Patta x Parra x Air Max 1 "Cherrywood" by @Airmax1189

Some sources have confirmed two new releases here in 2018. According to @_mitrovicp, two new colorways drops in the near future; Dark blue with hints of yellow and a yellow/brown. 

He says both of them have two-toned mudguards, and will be inspired by the 5th anniversary of the shop. 

While nothing is confirmed by neither Patta or Nike yet, we sure hope to see a glimpse of them soon. 

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Written by: Oliver Berg

Instagram: @Olivaah397