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The end of Air Max 1 is rumored to be here very soon

Picture by  @Yannikloehr

Picture by @Yannikloehr

The Air Max 1 is definitely one of Nike’s best sold models. But it looks like this is about to change. Over the last couple of days, multiple sources have posted rumors about Nike ending the Air Max 1 program.

Some argue that it will happen by the end of 2019, other’s including @Masterofair_ & @Karl.lashnikov believe the last pair of Air Max 1 will be produced in June. As this is all rumors, it is also uncertain whether or not it will be for wider general releases only, or if this will also include collaborations. One thing is for sure, Nike stepped down for the Air Max month this year - releasing no retro issue of past collaborations like they did with both the Elephants and Animals, as they have done for the past couple of years.

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