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The Ivy Brand just launched their spring collection


Model: The Ivy Brand Spring 19.02 Collection

Release Date: Online now

Where: The1ivybrand.com

Price: Shirts $25 | Hoodies $50 | Crewnecks $40

While the landscape of graphic t-shirts and streetwear is cluttered with startups who boast provocative design and over the top styling, the Ivy Brand is a small t-shirt brand that emphasizes intrinsic value over provocation. Started in 2017, the brands owner and Epsilon contributor, David Blackmon, sought to converge the world of graphic tees and social movement. Rather than approach each shirt from the aspect of creating something that stands out and then thinking about an audience, the brand emphasizes real-life, down to earth storytelling that seeks to bring people together through common struggles. Each release centers on a shared cause that seeks to bring in followers through the idea of unified growth.