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The premium Japanese Fast Pack by ASICS

ASICS recently released the first silhouette of the "Fast Pack", a japanese premium racer edition consisting of different silhouettes. Now more silhouettes follow up: The "Tarther Japan" and the "Sortie Japan Seiha 2". Both high-end performance running shoes were completely designed, produced and manufactured in Japan. 

Tarther Japan

The Tarther Japan is already a legendary running shoe since 35 years, but was never sold outside of Japan before. The shoe combines technologic know-how and postmodern design. The Tarther was designed for Sub-3 marathon runners and is equipped with DUOSOLE to ensure maximum grip, comfort and cushioning for the runner.

Sortie Japan Seiha 2

The upcoming Sortie Japan Seiha 2 is a hybrid, consisting of the upper material of the Sortie Magic SS and the technology of the first Japan Seiha, that supports the runner with a technology similar to the Tarther. Therefore the Sortie Japan Seiha 2 is designed for high intensity running, but added with stylish design and the eye-catching Japan visual on the heel. The Sortie Japan Seiha 2 will come in two colorways.

A limited run of the Tarther Japan was already released in Europe and the Sortie Japan Seiha 2 will follow up on 01.09.2018. Fans of these two silhouettes can expect more premium running shoes coming during September.