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The perfect lace swap - Lace Space

by @olivaah397

by @olivaah397

Essential accessories for every sneaker fan across the globe: Laces.

Everyone of you may know the following problem - You bought the perfect pair of sneakers, best colorway, best materials, limited and sought after BUT…. only horrible lace options came with it.

Lace Space decided to solve this problem for you.

The australian brand from Alex and Anthony offer their laces via their online shop https://www.lacespace.com.au with worldwide shipping. 

Stores in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand stock their laces aswell.

The idea behind Lace Space is giving the customer a possibility to customise their sneakers to reflect their personal taste and personality. The both founders decided to give people a unique experience for their shoes in a very accessible way. 

What matters most to Lace Space is the quality of their products. 

They use a dual nylon core to keep the ropes dense and very strong, but also to ensure flexibility and suppleness, and they have experimented with a range of materials, including polyester of multiple deniers, cotton and a unique cotton/polyester blend which gives all the benefits of cotton laces, but also stops the problem that all cotton laces face of fraying and loose fluffing of the laces from wear.

But what products do they offer?

lace (1 of 1).jpg

They offer you a variety of different laces from rope to flat, reflective or multicolored, leather or waxed laces in 4 different sizes to match every pair of sneakers you own.

Silverscreen by @the_shoe_story

Silverscreen by @the_shoe_story

A very special product Lace Space also offers are custom lace locks with engraved text. 

The customer gets the opportunity to choose between 6 metal types (Gold, silver, gunmetal, black, white or rose gold) and two font styles and can decide the text for both dubraes (6 characters per dubrae).

You are now interested in giving your favorite sneakers a custom touch? Just visit their website https://www.lacespace.com.au

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