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Thoughts on Kith / Kithstrike

Nowadays mr. Ronnie Fieg is probably the King Mida of streetwear and his Kith collections always sell out in few minutes. Outside Kith stores (the last one opened only some weeks ago) loads of people are standing in line, just to buy t-shirts of their “Kith programs”.

Picture by Complex

Picture by Complex

But, and this is one of the points, how many of real street culture enthusiasts are able to cop Kith collections and RF collabs? Let’s take the Asics Gel Lyte III Volcano case: almost none of the main Asics collectors were able to cop and, as soon as the product was sold out, everything sat on some of the main resellers online shelves, with most of them having the complete size run (and they're still sitting, with an insane price of about 600 $). Asking to Ronnie Fieg, he doesn’t often show real interest in the matter and the queues out of his stores (handled by a famous YouTuber) continue to be attended from passionate resellers more than collectors.

Picture by @ mvximoustach

Picture by @mvximoustach

Since this summer, Kith has started some “programs”: every week they release one or some colors of their main bestsellers (e.g., the box logo hoodies or t-shirts). Obviously, sold out (and resold) in a very short time, in-store and online. The question is: at this point of his rising, with fashion shows attended from Scottie Pippen and Le Bron James (just to mention a few), wouldn’t it be good having a good “client program” too? 

Street brands are often more limited than some luxury brands, maybe they should take inspiration from their client services too. For example, giving the priority or the opportunity for their best clients to buy their products with a preview. It looks like something was changing when Ronnie Fieg decided to release his New Balance “Archipelago” with an exclusive “Friends and Family Loyalty Program” for people who had already bought from Kith. But it remained an isolated (and successful) case.

With the Kith x Adidas Football Season 2 incoming, the matter will be there again: so, dear Ronnie Fieg, why don’t you take the problem seriously, amen find an easy solution? The community, that is also your community, is there to help. Because, as you often repeat, Kith means “Friends and Family” and the clients are the friends part: well, what’s better than a friend to help to solve a small flaw in an almost invincible success machine?

Picture by Hypebeast

Picture by Hypebeast