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Top five essential sneaker products you gotta have along your collection

There’s no worse feeling than showing off your brand-new sneakers in class or at work, only to see the sky open up to rain showers. Or maybe you just simply don't know how to store your priceless collection. Luckily there are a ton of great products that will keep your favorite pair looking stunning. In conjunction with Lion Feet Sneakers, we picked our top five: 

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A must-have for any sneakerhead, no matter the size of your collection. Shoe trees maintain a shoes original shape and in many cases, can improve the shape of a pair that’s been warped by sitting in a box for too long. No sneaker or shoe enthusiast can go wrong with too many shoetrees. 

Clean shoe boxes

Open Box Stacked.jpg

Storing your shoes in plastic boxes can have many benefits. Collecting a lot of different brands with varying sized and shaped cardboard boxes can leave your shoe storage looking messy. With clear drop-front boxes, you have the ability to make your storage look clean, organized, and somewhat protected from varying elements. 

Cleaning products


There are tons of cleaning products on the market for a reason. Some of them can get rid of even the ugliest stains, whether it be on smooth leather, nubuck, or suede. Brands like “Sneaky Clean” and “Sneakers ER+” supply tons of products from liquid and foam cleaners, to brushes and wipes.  

Waterproofing products


Waterproof sprays are your best friend if you live in Northern Europe, or any other place with rain and other forms of precipitation that can occur 365 days a year. Nanotechnology coats shoes in an invisible layer of protection which forces water to bead and flow off. With waterproofing, your sweet suede, buttery leather, and other premium materials will thank you forever.  

Midsole pens


White midsoles are probably the hardest thing to keep clean. With midsole pens, you are able to restore your sneakers back to almost to a DS condition.




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