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Year of Air - The Comeback of the Nike Air Max 1


By @Airmax1189

The year 2017 has been a great year for Air Max 1 fans all over the world.

Many years Nike produced Air Max 1 in poor quality and shape. This lead many collectors to refuse to buy any more Air Max 1. I’m one of them. BUT…. what happened in 2017?

Nike did what every brand should do - listen to their fans.

Nike heard the thoughts of their fans and collectors. The ‚Masters of Air‘, a small group of special Air Max collectors from all over the world, got the chance to share their thoughts and meet the masterminds behind the Air Max 1. 

What happened to Air Max 1 after that?

Many new Air Max 1 hit the stores all over the world. The ‚new old shape‘, new colorways, comeback of classic gems.

I want to take the time and show some of my favorite pairs this year and take you on a journey of Air Max 1 through 2017.

NikeLab Pinnacle

by asphaltgold sneakerstore

by asphaltgold sneakerstore

The first pack of the ‚new generation‘ of Air Max 1.

The first Pinnacle Pack consisted of four colorways (sail, black, ice jade and ocean fog), some wmns colorways and another pack of two (tan and pink/rosé) followed. For the Pinnacle Pack Nike used some higher quality leather and nubuck combinations than on the average general release. Classy leather and simple colorways for a great warm up to the Year of the Air Max 1. My personal favorite from the pack is the Ice Jade colorway. Check some on foot pictures below.


Picture via Nike.de

Picture via Nike.de

One of the most hyped Air Max of 2017. The Air Max 1 Master is the ultimate celebration of Air Max history. The mudguard is made of a lot of different materials honoring some of the most sought after Air Max 1 in the history like the Patta collaboration Chlorophyll, Safari and Elephant Print, OG and many more.


In march 2017 the most classic colorways ever on Air Max 1 came back to the stores - the OG pack. Red and Blue bring back the 1987 vibe with mesh and tongue that remember the owner how the OGs looked back then. After the limited release in march Nike made sure everyone got his pair with a wider release. The iconic red and blue pairs never seem to get out of style.


In 2016 people got the chance to vote for their favorite Air Max 1 colorways to be rereleased on Air Max day 3/26. The ‚Elephant‘ Air Max 1 which was released in collaboration with Atmos in Tokyo back in 2006 won the election and were released to public on Air Max Day. Great to have the chance to get this classic box fresh again and wear them, as some of 2006 pairs begin to crumble after 11 years of life.


One of the most special, historical packs are the Jewel pairs. A smaller swoosh made out of plastic, reflecting light almost like jewelry replaced the normal swoosh logo. Nike dropped a huge variety of colorways in 2017. Especially classic colorways like the Red Ruby or the Carolina Blue caught my eye and made these a must have amongst the flood of Air Max 1 this year.

OG 2.0 

Nike did end their Air Max 1 year really strong. The second part of the OG Pack from ’87, the Aqua and Obsidian pairs, were retroed aswell. The obisidian was way more hyped, but both pairs have a clean look and great colorway. One of my highlights for this year.


These year’s Premium ID options for the Air Max 1 were outstanding. Denim and Nubuck or Pendleton Wool and Premium Leather, both options absolutely amazing. The execution on the Pendleton pairs were really good quality and left the hobby customizer a lot of options to choose from. My personal favorite was the Denim option. Qualitywise and shape wise really great. All in all the ID options were a good addition to the general releases, because the materials were unique to IDs, no general releases had Denim/Wool on them.

After all these releases this year: What do you think about the new Air Max 1s?

For me as Air Max 1 fan this year has been great. I like the ‚new old shape‘, like the retros of the old colorways, even like the new colorways like the Pinnacle pairs. All in all Nike has made a great change for Air Max 1 and brought them back to what they have been like when I was growing up. Not perfect at all, but way better than in the recent years. 

Only issue Nike really has to work on is there quality check. I was lucky owning nearly flawless pairs, but many people had issues with stains, scratches, scuffs on their unworn pairs. Not acceptable for a big brand like Nike. 

Nike made us hungry for more. Let’s see what they are up to in 2018 and if they can follow up to the great year 2017!

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