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Is this the best release of 2017?

Well, obviously not. Or maybe they are? Maybe for some people out there.  I don't know. What I know are the first thoughts  when I saw them: What the hell is this?

I admit, getting a Yeezy for me means fast money to buy other stuff I like. This Yeezy, with the godly name “Semi-frozen yellow”, comes with a yellow knit upper, red SPLY-350 branding and for the first time on a 350 with a gumsole. In my opinion, gumsoles are the best kind of sole to feature on a sneaker. Almost every sneaker is instantly looking better with a gumsole. But please Adidas, don’t do it ever again as you did with this release, it just looks terrible. Among that, the Yeezy 350 features a pull tap, what I really like.

Here are some fotos, use them for legit checks, laugh at, showing your little brother or whatever. If you like the Semi-frozen yellow - buy them, if you want to resell them - resell them, if you want to have a good laugh - laugh, if you want to rock them - rock them. It is all up to you ;)