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Photographer Spotlight - Episode 10 @Badluckbae

We are back in the United States to have a chat with Sonja, also known as @Badluckbae:

First of all, would you mind introducing yourself

My name is Sonja and I currently reside in Chicago, IL. I relocated from Atlanta, GA almost 4 years ago for work. I'm currently employed full time as a R&D scientist, but photography is a side gig.

Picture of @Badluckbae by @maxleitner

Picture of @Badluckbae by @maxleitner

 What equipment do you use for your photos?

I shoot with a Fuji XT-2 Mirrorless system. My go to lens is the Fujinon 16-55mm 2.8 (24-70 equivalent), but I also carry a Zeiss 12mm 2.8, and a Fujinon 50-140mm 2.8. I recently bought a mavic pro drone and plan to do a bit more of that when I travel.

How and where do you find inspiration for your work?

Inspiration comes to me naturally while traveling and seeing new sights. When I'm home I'm constantly searching and exploring to find new views and perspectives within Chicago. Time of day also plays a huge role in my inspiration. I prefer to shoot during extreme weather conditions, or early/late in the day to exploit the light and long shadows found at those times of the day. During those times even ordinary things become extraordinary. Likewise, a dramatic sunrise/sunset is always a good time to be inspired.

Do you have any favorite location to take pictures at?

When in Chicago my favorite place to shoot is aboard the CTA trains that snake through the city. The views from the trains are always interesting, as are the scenes within the train cars. My favorite location abroad thus far would have to be the Dolomites in Italy. That area is just insane in terms of photography.

What is your all time favorite picture?

It's really hard to choose a favorite photo since I try to keep my photos diverse, so I don't think I can pick out a single photo.. 

Big thanks to Sonja for taking her time doing this interview with us. Make sure to check out all her content on her Instagram @Badluckbae as well as her website: https://www.sonjaweiss.com

Oliver Berg