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Photographer Spotlight - Episode 17 @Ulyhuerta

First of all, would you mind introducing yourself

 My name is Ulysses. I'm originally from Los Angeles, but now I live in Osaka, Japan.


What equipment do you use for your photos?

I'm using a Canon 5D Mark III with a Canon 24-70mm f2.8 II lens.


How and where do you find inspiration for your work?

Mostly from other photographers in the area. I feel Tokyo gets most of the credit for the creative output coming out of Japan. There's a lot of Tokyo photographers that I love, but people in the Kansai region (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara) are currently putting out a lot of amazing work. This area has a deep cultural and aesthetic history, and a lot of photographers I look up to are doing a great job at representing that.


Do you have any favorite location to take pictures at?

I like shooting in Kyobashi. It's a working class neighborhood in Osaka with a serious nightlife. It has a very "locals only" vibe, but people are actually very welcoming.


What is your all-time favorite picture?

This picture I recently took in Kyoto. No matter how many times you've seen a Geisha in person, it always stops you where you stand.

Kyoto (favorite).jpg
Oliver Berg