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Photographer Spotlight - Episode 19 @Outboundmedia / @Brnwills

First of all, would you mind introducing yourself?


My name is Brendan Williams, I am a photographer and digital artist from Vancouver, BC, Canada. I have two very distinct sides to my photography work. On one hand, I shoot landscape and adventure, while on the other, photo manipulation and composite images. I find that the stark differences between each allows me to never feel limited, creatively. I am constantly working in the realms of both the every day, and the make believe. Although many see it easy to assume I am a full-time photographer or digital artist, I actually work full time as a camera assistant in the film industry here in Vancouver. The beauty of the film industry is, although there are extensive hours, I have the ability to take time off; as well as commit weekends to progressing my photo business through online photoshop tutorials and workshops and shooting for outdoor brands and blogs.

What equipment do you use for your photos?


Currently, I am shooting on a Canon 6D MKII as my primary body. My go-to lenses are always my Canon 24-70mm F2.8 MKII and the Canon 70-200mm F4. For me, those lenses provide exactly what I need while covering an extensive range, perfect for just about any style of shooting. As for filters, the LEE Filters Big Stopper(10 stop ND) is my absolute favourite. It’s my absolute favourite piece of kit. Other than those essentials, I often carry with me a reflector and lots of extra batteries. All the other random stuff I carry on shoots all depends on the conditions of where I’m going. I definitely pack a bit differently to shoot portraits versus dangling from a rope to shoot rock climbing.


How and where do you find inspiration for your work?

My friends. Over the past couple years I have been fortunate enough to begin to shoot with a lot of super talented photographers. Seeing their work always inspires me to either visit a new place or put a spin on their idea and turn it into the impossible with my digital art. Instagram is also another place I love to go in search of ideas and meeting with like-minded artists. With the overwhelming amount of images and pages to follow it’s definitely a great place to take me out of creative ruts.


Do you have any favorite location to take pictures at?

That’s a pretty tough one to answer. I always pick my favourite place then within a week that favourite place changes. To keep it local, the sea to sky corridor never fails to blow my mind. Literally everything I could ever want is all within the valley. From high alpine and glacial lakes to incredible granite you could spend a lifetime on and never get bored of climbing it. Not to mention the ocean views along nearly the entire thing. That whole area is where I tend to find myself exploring these days.


What is your all-time favorite picture?

This image is one of my favourite because it totally encompasses the feeling of settling into camp and watching the sun set. There's no better feeling of pure relaxation than that.


This is one my all time favourite images just because of all the subtle details that went into this, as well as creating the space suit itself to fit the model. This image definitely pushed my ability levels and was one of the most rewarding challenges I have had while creating an image.

Oliver Berg