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Photographer Spotlight - Episode 24 @Jpr.Photos

My name is Jonny Rogers, I am a 21 year old photographer from London. I am also a full time student studying BA Photography at the University of Westminster. I love to go out and explore areas I haven’t explored and seek out the very best that Planet Earth has to offer.


What equipment do you use for your photos?

I currently use a Nikon d7200 with three lenses, a 10-20mm f4 Sigma Lens, a 18-140mm VR f3.5 kit lens and a 35mm f1.8. I also own a DJI Mavic Pro drone and will often go out and use it, that is when its not broken! I also have an Manfrotto tripod. For my editing I edit on a Acer Swift 3 laptop with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC and Adobe Photoshop CC. And that’s pretty much it for equipment…


How and where do you find inspiration for your work?

There isn’t one artist that inspires me and there never really has been. When I first started out on Instagram posting proper photos I found my inspiration through other grammers. I would find photos that I liked and then go into the city and try and shoot it myself, it then became more of how could I put my own little spin on a certain spot or a popular angle. Nowadays I find my inspiration in creating photos that make people think or photos that could have a story behind them. I love presenting photos that have a real sense of adventure and intrigue about them. One thing you will find I do is quite often I will place people in my photos usually to give a sense of scale a photo with a good sense of natural scale is for me and awesome thing.


Do you have any favorite location to take pictures at?

Its between several locations. And if your looking for a brief answer you’re in the wrong place…

Banff: For those who aren’t now experiencing a deep sense of jealousy let me explain why Banff is on this list. Banff is located right at the start of the Canadian Rockies and is genuinely one of the most incredible places I have ever been to. Photos really don’t do that place justice and certainly mine didn’t. The mountains are monumental, the lakes are stunning and the winding roads are ribbons of perfection. The area around Waterfowl Lakes on the Icefields Parkway remains one of my favourite locations I have ever been to.  And if your lucky enough to go over the winter months like I was then you know just how insane that place is…


East Java: From one extreme to another, East Java was a wildcard location. During a trip to Bali me and the guys I was staying with decided to randomly take a two day trip to East Java and see what we could find. Over two days we explored three of the most insane locations I have ever been. First was Malang and Jodipan Village. Malang is a city of two halves, on one side there is a relatively modern area that suggests the city has good infrastructure. Then head over to Jodipan Village and it tells a very different story. Essentially it’s a slum on the banks of the sewer infested Metro River the place reeks of poverty and financial depression. But you cant help but feel happy, why? Because looking over Malang It’s easy to spot that all the roofs of the village have been painted with rainbow like colours all over. We ended up watching sunset on a railway bridge overlooking the village and with the call to prayer going on in the background that was the most atmospheric place I’ve ever been. Mount Bromo is an active Volcano situated next to Malang. Wanting to get a sunrise view we started out at 1 am and then the three hour drive took us up to the viewing point. When you get to the viewing point what stretches in front of you is a massive crater where several smaller cones are placed. Then heading down into that crater you start to get an extent of just how hostile of a place it is. The smaller cones turn out to be monsters and the dust bowl surrounding them is whipped up by the ferocious wind. The sand/ash is searing hot to walk on and the sun is beating down on you. This ash proceeds to get everywhere. Not content with that we took the 200ft climb up to the edge of the active crater of Mount Bromo. The ash cone is so difficult to climb up and under the sun its physically draining. Every step you take you seem to end up two steps back. When you eventually reach the top your met with a 45 slope straight down into hell. The crater was the most insane thing ive ever seen and several times I had to steady myself. Look out over the dustbowl behind you to see the wind whipping up the ash into dust devils and then you truly realise how hostile the place is…


But im not even done, If your ever lucky enough to venture to East Java you must take the 3 hour drive from Malang to the Tumpak Sewu waterfall. If the hike down a waterfall isn’t enough to give toy an idea of how crazy this place is the main waterfall stretches all around you in a vast bowl, fed by several rivers the Tumpak Sewu waterfall is simply out of this world.

Tromso: Heading as far North as I can go now. When wanting to see the Northern Lights its makes sense to head as far north as you can right? Well certainly that’s what I thought when I booked flights to Tromso in Norway. The harsh arctic tundra gives way to impressive mountains and going in the middle of January means that you only get 4-5 hours sunlight which means you can see sunrise and sunset without getting up to early and staying out to late. Not that you wouldn’t want to stay up late. Tromso is just as magical at night as it is in the day. The northern lights cant be seen too well from tromso or even the valley at the back of tromsdalen. But head into the city centre and book yourself on a Northern Lights tour. Its worth it.


So that’s just a little bit about me and what I do and where I go!

Hope you guys can join me for the ride, just follow me on Instagram @Jpr.photos or visit my website at http://www.jpr.photos/


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