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Photographer Spotlight - Episode 5 @4th.One

We're back in London for the 5th interview with the local @4th.one

First of all, would you mind introducing yourself

Hi, my name is Tom Reeves and I'm a 16-year-old photographer, based in Bath and London in the U.K. I've been taking photos more seriously for about a year now, always trying to improve!!

What equipment do you use for your photos?

I've recently upgraded to a Canon 6D often used with my Canon 50mm and also used with a 17-40 f4.

How and where do you find inspiration for your work?

I love massive cities with different styles of architecture that I can sort of go round and explore. so whenever I get the chance to travel to places like London I always get really inspired as there are so much amazing architecture and interesting things to photograph, also I'm starting to find allot inspiration in lighting

Do you have any favorite location to take pictures at?

Generally, I would say London as a whole, I love the architecture there and the mood of the city, when I'm walking London I can find inspiration really easily as there is so much constantly happening, which would make it one of my faveroute locations


What is your all time favorite picture? 

Hmmm I think my favourite photo would probably be this one that I took in December last year As it actually gave me the idea that I could be quite good at photography and gave me the feeling that I would want to pursue it, which has lead me to take photos most days and want to improve constantly

Big thanks to Tom for taking his time doing this interview with us. Check out all his pictures over at his Instagram account @4th.one

Oliver Berg