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Photographer Spotlight - Episode 9 @Ohhbillyboy

We are honored to bring you the first interview from Down Under with William Kim AKA @Ohhbillyboy

First of all, would you mind introducing yourself

My name is William Kim – I’m from Sydney, Australia. I’ve been shooting for a couple years as a hobby. My day to day office job doesn’t quite satisfy that creative itch, so photography is a great outlet that allows me to explore new places, create and be inspired.

What equipment do you use for your photos?

My main camera is a Sony a7II. Lately, I have been using a Zeiss 16-35mm lens a lot, but will often switch out for my 55mm prime if I have a set shot that I know that I want to capture. Recently I have picked up a Mavic Pro, so I have been experimenting a lot of aerial photography.

How and where do you find inspiration for your work?

It’s hard to pin-point, but often I will try to capture and edit according to how I feel. If I catch a sunrise over a cliff, I’d try to show a perspective that might reflect the awe and wonderment I felt when watching it. Maybe there’ll be some nostalgia or feelings of isolation involved. Or maybe I’ll just want to flex some sneakers. Other than that, the friends that I shoot with are a constant source of inspiration, they are all incredibly talented and push me to learn and improve.

Do you have any favorite location to take pictures at?

I don’t have a favourite place to shoot, but always want to explore something new. People will often say that they are sick of the city they live in and want to go travel. I think that is valid, but exploring your own city is definitely underrated. I was born and raised in Sydney, but I still feel like there are pockets and corners everywhere with potential.

What is your all time favorite picture?

I don’t think I have a favourite but I still haven’t forgotten about this particular sunset over the city. Sydney is known for its ‘fairy-floss’ sunsets and I can understand why it has that reputation.

Big thanks to William for taking his time doing this interview with us. Make sure to check out his Instagram account @Ohhbillyboy for more awesome content!

Oliver Berg