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Store Spotlight: Sapato Store

Right in the middle of Germany you find the beautiful town Kassel. 

I’m quite sure you do not know it and of course you probably have not been there, but one thing is sure: You definitely should visit it.

Kassel has a beautiful Castle with a huge, breathtaking park which is world heritage sight. Every five years documenta, world’s most significant exhibition of art, takes place in Kassel.

Kassel doesn’t sound that bad, does it?!

BUT . . .

 One thing has been missing in Kassel - a sneaker boutique.

Joe and Josh realized Kassel is ready for sneakers and they founded Sapato Store.



Sapato Store opened its doors in December 2013 and offers a variety of sneaker brands from Adidas, Asics and KangaROOS to Puma and Reebok and some apparel like OPM, Daily Paper, New Era and more.


In 2017 Joe and Josh had the opportunity to collaborate with KangaROOS and documenta to design their first sneaker collab, the D14. A great success for both store owners and for all sneaker aficionados from Kassel.

The 'D14' by KangaROOS and Sapato Store for documenta14

The 'D14' by KangaROOS and Sapato Store for documenta14


So let’s see what Sapato is up to in 2018.


Check their website https://sapatostore.com for more info and a huge 31% off sale until 31st Oct.


Some pairs on sale now:

Maximilian LöweGermany, Max