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Introducing 10.5zz

Hi, my name is Thies a.k.a 10.5zz , I’m 19 years old and german. I live in Hamburg in Germany.

all packed up ⚰️ //📸: @manxco_

Et opslag delt af Thies Rogel (@10.5zz) den

Two years ago i started getting into sneakers because I wanted to be in contrast to the Mainstream. I bought the Adidas Turbular X because I thought it had an interesting shape and a special outsole. Something you don’t see everyday. This started my passion for sneaker and Streetwear.

In 2016 I met my friend Nico and he introduced me to the Adidas ultraboost. I was very positive surprised. Being so focused on adidas I lost touch to other beautiful brands. But I came to the understanding that diversity is the key and since then I started adding other brands to my collection.

Stripes everywhere /// 📸: @manxco_

Et opslag delt af Thies Rogel (@10.5zz) den

I’m not a very colorful person. I like to keep it simple so nearly my whole closet contains only black and white pieces. I’ll try to do the same with my sneaker but often there are so many beautiful colorways that I can’t resist.

adjusting the heat 🎛 //📸: @manxco_

Et opslag delt af Thies Rogel (@10.5zz) den

If you like to see some of my shots feel free to visit me on my Instagram: @10.5zz



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