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Introducing Guigan713

Hi, My name is Guillaume a.k.a Guigan, @guigan713 on Instagram, I am 28 and French. I live in a small city in the heart of Burgundy (well known for it's finest wines) .

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Et opslag delt af GuiGan713 (@guigan713) den

I work in a hotel at a reception desk, and sometimes I sell cars with a friend. I think I have always been into sneakers. My older brother grew up during the Jordan era and use to collect a lot of basketball shoes. So there was always shoes in the house and that's made me take the same path.

I used to collect Jordan's, then air maxes (i used to have a decent collection of Air Max 1's and jay's) . Nowadays i am a big Asics enthusiast but i appreciate a lot brands like NB, Adidas, Diadora and even Reebok.

My first contact with my favourite brand was in 2008 or 2009, it was a Gel Lyte 3 GR. Unfortunately i don't have them anymore. In the sneaker world i have been very late to the party as i discovered sneakers groups only in 2015. It was a major change because i started to talk to people that shared the same love for sneakers.

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Et opslag delt af GuiGan713 (@guigan713) den

Before that i was totally on my own. And today here i am! I joined the Epsilon Family, surrounded by some great lads that have the same vision and want to do something for the culture. Feel free to visit my Instagram page to discover a part of my collection, I also bought a camera recently so more cool stuff will soon come. You can also visit my secondary page @asicslife where we repost the best of the Asics Life on Internet

Asics Gel Lyte 3 Nicekicks 2.0 📸 by the homie @liksl

Et opslag delt af GuiGan713 (@guigan713) den

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