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Introducing Lars_Acranius

Hey there! My name is Lars, on Instagram you can find me as @lars_acranius. I chose this name because Acranius is the name of my band (@acranius_official). We’re playing some fresh brutal death metal and play shows all over Europe. If you are into this kind of music, just check our latest show dates and come around!

Aspen 🌈 . 📸: @bjorn_acranius

Et opslag delt af Lars (@lars_acranius) den

Due to work, I’m currently living in Aurich, a small city in the north west of Germany. It’s amazingly boring here – just old people... After gaining some more working experience I would like to move back to my hometown Rostock.

My interest in sneaker awoke in 2015. A friend of mine got into sneaker and showed me pictures of shoes he liked. Until then I just knew the models from local retailer stores and never thought that there are special limited editions. I was suprised that there are so many great silhouettes and colorways I’ve never seen before, for example Asics Gel Lyte III or New Balance 1500. In June he presuaded me to visit Solemart Berlin. It was a great experience, because I just realized that there’s a huge community.

Shortly after I bought my first limited sneaker / collaboration: CNCPTS x New Balance 997 „Luxury Goods“.


Et opslag delt af Lars (@lars_acranius) den

Because I was a poor student back than, I couldn’t afford all the pairs i liked. This changed when I finished my studies and got a job in 2016. Until then my collection is growing every month. I don’t have the biggest collection, but I buy my shoes to wear them. It’s already hard to wear all my shoes on a regular basis, so I hope I can reduce my consumption soon, but there are still some pairs on my want-to-buy-list! Besides some pairs of Nike and Adidas, my collection is almost half Asics and half New Balance.


Et opslag delt af Lars (@lars_acranius) den

Oliver Berg