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Introducing Snkrma

Hello friends. My name is Marci and I am addicted to sneakers, so you can find me @snkrma on Instagram.

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I am from beautiful Stuttgart, here in Germany. My sneaker addiction began back in 2015, because of some friends, they started a little sneaker group and I fell in love with shoes. It’s hard to think about my first sneaker, but I think it started with an Asics GT-II GR or my Puma x Atmos Disc Blaze Suede ‘’The Sun and the Moon’’. Since then a few friends, including Benni and myself wanted to start a own sneaker group, it didn’t work, but the fascination stayed.

Today I am happy to be a part of the greatest sneaker team worldwide with my best friend Benni. The worldwide sneaker community is amazing, because you meet new friends and you can share your passion about sneakers, streetwear and photography.

Concepts x New Balance 998 "Grand Tourer" 🏁

Et opslag delt af M.A (@snkrma) den

Check out my Instagram @snkrma for more pics and my passion for sneakers, streetwear and photography.

Oliver Berg